Thursday, February 13, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend

For the sake of documenting, I wanted to make sure to blog about our fun Super Bowl weekend we had even though it was weeks ago!

Friday John took off work because we finally got the painters out to our house. With the bad weather Houston had, our overhaul got pushed back a weekend, but we are so pleased with how it all turned out. The bedroom is coming along and I will share pictures of it all completed soon! We also got our kitchen painted... I'll be sharing full pictures of that soon as well, but here is a little sneaky at our BLUE kitchen!

Saturday my mom came in town and we spent the majority of the day hanging stuff back on our walls but Saturday night we spent the evening at John's parents for my Mother in law's surprise 60th birthday party. Her birthday isn't until March, but there were 8 of their close friends in town from New York this weekend, so my sister in law decided to throw her an early birthday party so they could be there to celebrate too. It was a candy crush theme because she is OBSESSED with candy crush! haha. My sister in law did a great job of planning everything!

{me and momma}

{I love my honey with his beard!}

{all the friends from New York}

John was put in charge of making a brisket and ribs for the superbowl at the request of the New Yorkers so as soon as we got home Saturday night, he started his smoker and cooked all night long. My mom left Sunday morning and then we went back to John's parents to watch the superbowl with brisket, ribs and cake balls in hand. 

And John won the squares game! 

I honestly didn't care about the superbowl and didn't watch most of it, but it's always a fun weekend especially when good food, friends and birthdays are involved as well! 



Kristan B said...

I just pointed at your kitchen to my husband and told him that is what I want our kitchen to look like, and he agreed, which is a miracle! Great job!

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

Looks like fun! And I want that plate..

Darby Hawley said...

Y'all had a lot of fun that weekend! I can't wait for more pictures from your kitchen and master. I already love that shade of blue!

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