Sunday, March 23, 2014

30 things for a 30th Birthday

I am officially no longer a cougar - my husband joins me in the 30 club today! We have had a fun weekend of celebrating him and his 30 years but I couldn't let the day go by without honoring him on the blog. After 4 years of blogging and him going from my boyfriend, to fiance, to husband, y'all have gotten to know him too. But, there's alot you don't know... 

So in honor of him and his 30 years, here are 30 things you might not know about my husband...

1. He is a money man. He handles all the finances and I am so thankful for that. I am good with money but stocks, IRA's, retirement... that's all him!

2. His group of friends is the same as it was in high school. They all went off to Tech together and are still best friends. I'm thankful for that group of friends he has because it has brought me some of my closest girl friends!

3. He grew up on Long Island in New York and moved to Houston when he started Junior High.

4. He was a preemie.

5. He is a master on the smoker. I don't eat ribs but I've been told his ribs are the best!

6. He always helps me with household chores. In fact, it's probably a 50/50 deal we have and I am so grateful for that

7. Some of his favorite TV shows are on Food Network and HGTV.

8. He's an online shopping addict. There's almost always a package waiting at the door from Amazon when we get home

9. He's allergic to cats yet he loves his 2 girls so much. Him and Lucy really are best friends.

10. I'm pretty sure he loves watching sports almost as much as he loves me.

11. He is a go-getter when it comes to work. He puts is whole self in to work and is amazing at it. I am so proud of him for how far he has gone in his company. I met his boss over the holidays and he told me what an amazing worker John was and how he is going to go really far. That just makes me so happy.

12. His morning cup of coffee is VERY important to him!

13. His beer of choice is Miller Lite

14. Texas Tech football will always hold a special place in his heart. He bleeds red and black.

15. He swears that him and Doug Heffernan (from King of Queens) are long lost brothers. And besides sports, this is his favorite show. He will sit and laugh at this show even though he's seen all the episodes.

16. He will be asleep the second he hits the pillow. Which isn't good for me considering the snores start 2 seconds later...

17. He worked his way through highschool and college. He was a manager at Kroger in high school and worked at a Liquor Store in Lubbock

18. He's always thinking about our next vacation. I'm glad we share a love for traveling and always make time for it in our busy schedules. He loves being on a beach or sitting on a balcony with a cold beer in hand.

19. He's not a very good card giver. And it's kind of turned in to a joke to see what kind of card I'll end up with for birthdays and anniversaries. He gave me several that said wife on them before we were even engaged!

20. He's what I would consider a "city boy" but is such a good sport with my "country girl" wishes.

21. If I'm home, he gives me a kiss as soon as he walks in the door.

22. He loves chocolate way too much. We can't keep it in the house or he would eat all of it. He loves his chocolate chip cookies too!

23. He loves Costco. Like way too much.

24. He hates massages with a passion but would pay me to give him a back tickle every night if I would.

25. We will never not be able to have a recliner in our house. He won't sit anywhere else.

26. He doesn't like all of my crazy home decoration/renovation ideas but goes along with them

27. He is the most supportive, encouraging person I know. My dreams that I've had have become a reality thanks to him.

28. He is definitely the much more laid back, calm, and grounded of the 2 of us. It takes a whole lot to stress him out.

29. To me, he looks the sexiest with his hat turned backwards and a beard.

30. He will kill me for this, but he had to go in to the DMV to renew his license this year since his picture was from when he was 16. He had to do the vision test and failed! haha. That's how you know you're getting old ;)

Happy Birthday Babe! I hope you have the best birthday! I can't wait to celebrate all of the other milestones together! Love you so much :)



Cara Scott said...

Such a sweet post :) Totally unrelated but would you do a post on clothes? Where you shop and how to put together outfits? You always look so put together & cute, I'm hopeless...

Melissa said...

Aw! Y'all are adorable!! Seems like you got a good one! ;) Happy 30th to your hubby. Love that black&white one of y'all.

Courtney said...

What an awesome post for your husband.

Ericka said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Our husbands have some things in common...I'm pretty sure my husband turns on King of Queens as soon as he gets home from work, and he laughs at every episode, even if he has seen it 10 times! :)

Heather said...

I love this! Now I feel like I know him even better :) And I love that he kisses you first thing when he gets home, as a husband always should! Happy Birthday John!

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