Monday, March 31, 2014

How Our Weekend Consisted of Too Much Alcohol

Wooo, what a weekend! We haven't had this many plans in 1 weekend in awhile! But it was alot of find and we got lots of quality time with good friends :) 

Friday night we went out with a group of friends to dinner and then to the new Toby Keith Bar that opened up a few months ago by our house. We have a friend that's in a band who we hadn't seen in awhile, and he was playing there so it was a perfect opportunity to see him, plus check out the bar. 
And how cute is it that they serve their drinks in red solo cups?!

{my husband is a jokester ;)}

{can you tell basketball was on??}

While we were there, me and the girls were talking about how we used to be out every weekend listening to DJ's band playing... the guys all lived together so we would be out all together till 2am, stop at Whataburger for breakfast tacos and stay up way too late and then be ok the next day. That was 6 years ago!! It's crazy how things change as we get older, friends change, habits change, life changes... It was nice to be back out, but we definitely didn't see 2am. I think we barely saw midnight ;)

And speaking of 6 years ago, Saturday was mine and John's 6 year dating anniversary! This picture was taken Labor Day weekend of 2008 so it was about 5 months after we started dating. I can't believe it's already been 6 years. Some days I feel like we've known each other forever and it's hard for me to remember life before him but then somedays feels like it was just yesterday that we were walking around the zoo on our first date. But no matter what it seems like, I am so thankful for him entering my life that day and completely changing my world!

Saturday we were up at 8am taking my car to the shop for some work that needed to be done and then we got donuts for breakfast on our way home. We are never up that early so we thought we would do a little splurge ;)  Then we spent the day running errands - grocery store, petsmart, post office, etc etc, etc. We were done with everything by 3:00 and it felt so weird. We usually sleep late and our Saturday errands usually end up running in to the evenings. Saturday was a beautiful day so I was glad we got to enjoy it out instead of at home sitting around doing nothing. We even took the top down on the jeep!

Saturday night, Dan and Maria asked us to go to dinner and then go to their house for a game night. Oh so fun! We had wayyy too much wine and played Ellen's Heads Up game for probably 5 hours. We didn't leave there until well after midnight and definitely payed for it the next day ;) 

{delicious wine!}

{playing the acting out part of Heads Up}

{Maria's wine markers were so cute. We picked which we wanted and then she told us what they meant - John's was devil and mine was naughty! haha}

{The more wine consumed = moved to the adults only portion of the game! ha}

{empty bottles...}

Sunday morning we slept sooo late and I stayed in my PJ's most of the day! The kitties definitely had some snuggle time too!

Once we finally got dressed, we went to John's parents for dinner. It was another gorgeous day so we went with the top down - which ended up in this shot... hair going everywhere!

Saturday, I had to drop my engagement ring and wedding bands off at the post office to send them to Blue Nile to be inspected, replated and finally soldered together. I hate dropping them off at the post office because y'all know how sketchy USPS can be sometimes. I always insure and send registered, but still I never stop thinking about it until the tracking says it's arrived! And I'm glad that I have this other pretty to wear while it's gone! John got me this for my 30th birthday and I love it so much. Even though I usually wear it as a right hand ring it definitely fills the void of having my real rings gone! The plain silver band is what I wear to work so I just put them together to be my "fake" wedding set :)

We also had the pleasure of getting a urine sample from Ms. Lucy this weekend. I'll spare you a picture, but felt it was worth documenting how freaking exciting it can be to actually catch your cat going to the litter box, sidetracking her and putting her in another special litter box and sucking the pee out of it with a syringe. Sounds so fun HUH??? John nearly puked. Lord help us when we have a REAL kid!! Anyway, I have to drop the urine off at the vet this morning for them to test it and hopefully we'll get a good report saying her crystals are gone. She's not been very cooperative eating her new prescription food so hopefully us adding in more water has helped instead. She's so picky! 

So, that was our fun weekend. Needless to say, I'll be staying away from the alchy for awhile ;) 


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Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

Looks like a good amount of alcohol to me! (Far from too much.) The cat pee made me laugh.

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