Monday, March 24, 2014

John's 30th "Beer"thday Party

What a fun night Saturday was! John celebrated his 30th birthday with all of our family and friends and we had a blast.

John hates being the center of attention. He didn't want a party and I pretty much had to force him to even let me invite everyone out to dinner! He didn't want decorations, wanted cupcakes and no cake and really wanted it to be low key. I couldn't let his 30th birthday go by just being low key. So, I decided to go with a beer theme and do it up just a little bit. :)

We had dinner at Twin Peaks with 18 of our closest friends and family. I really think it turned out so great and he ended up being surprised! (and of course I forgot my camera, so iphone pics will have to do)

{peanut butter cup cupcakes with beer can candles I used as toppers}

{balloons from Party City}

{Beer balloons from Amazon}

{"beer goggles" from Party City}

{napkins from Amazon}

We all had a fun night out celebrating John's 30th "Beer"thday party ;)



Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I love this, such a manly party idea! Happy Birthday, John!

Vicki P said...

So fun! Happy 30th birthday John!!!

Heather said...

Such a great idea for a non-party Party with his favorite Beer! Happy Birthday John!

Kenzie Smith said...

How fun!! Looks like a blast was had by all :D Happy 30th to John!

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