Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random Tuesday Post

Now that it's been 2 weeks since I've blogged anything I really felt the need to come and just write out my thoughts. There's been so much going on - good and bad, and I haven't shared any of it. The last few weeks have been crazy and I finally had time to just sit and write and share pictures today.

- Let's start with the cats. Pixie and Lucy have had some major vet bills in the last month. The girls went for their annual vet trip in February and the vet heard a heart murmur on Pixie. She had to have an ultrasound done later that week. Luckily it's benign, but the want her to continue having ultrasounds done yearly just to monitor it. It was a huge punch in the stomach hearing the words possible heart disease considering Cotton died of the same thing.

- And speaking of Cotton. He went to kitty Heaven 2 years ago today. I can't believe it's already been 2 years without him here with us. Some people don't understand how cats can mean that much to somebody, but he was my little friend and my only friend in Houston when I first moved here. It was just me and him. 6 1/2 years with him just wasn't long enough. I miss him so much every day and I still sleep with his favorite stuffed animal - Oscar the elephant.

- And then there's Lucy. (I promise this wont all be about the cats...) Last weekend we noticed that she was going in to the litter box every 10 minutes. I originally thought she was constipated. I called the vet Monday morning and they said it could be urinary as well, but I would need to bring her in. I took her in Tuesday morning and it turns out she had a UTI and blood and struvite crystals in her urine. So she has to be on a special prescription diet the rest of her life. Everyone says that cats are picky and she'll get used to it, but oh my gosh, this girl has been refusing to eat this food. She walks over, smells it and then turns away. We are trying the wet and dry food and we have finally had some luck just in the last day or 2. I've been on the phone with the vet constantly since Tuesday - I know they are sick of hearing from me!

- We have an exciting weekend planned! John is turning 30! We have 20 of our family and friends meeting us for dinner Saturday night and I am very excited. And it's not even my birthday ;) My mom and Tim are coming to town as well as both of John's sisters who both live out of town.

- Thank you so much to everyone who left sweet comments and sent me emails, texts and instagram love after the last post's bad news. I haven't responded to all of them just because I haven't hardly sat down at my computer other than to do work in weeks. They all truly mean so much to me and my heart breaks for all of you who are also dealing with the same pain. I had my doctors appointment this week and he said my HCG was back at 0 and after 2 cycles to start trying again. I don't need to go back to the reproductive endocrinologist unless I'm not ovulating or we try for a few months and nothing happens. So we shall see what the future holds. We're just leaving it to God at this point.

- The week that I was dealing with all of the unknown of my doctors appointments, my work cell phone started blowing up one day with random phone numbers and texts. Turns out someone posted a jeep for sale on craigslist and put my work cell phone number on it. They would not stop. Like every 30 seconds my phone was ringing or beeping from a text. And I couldn't just turn it off because it was my work phone. I just broke down in tears I was so frustrated (and emotional). Luckily John was able to get all of his friends and people from work to flag it so it was taken down. But it was a long 4 hours of phone calls and texts from idiots who actually thought this add was real....

- I started weight watchers and have done really good so far continuing the weight loss since we finished Advocare. We do like 80/20 - mainly having cheats on the weekends. I really hope to start doing weight watchers wednesday or weigh in wednesdays on the blog soon. Probably not every wednesday, but maybe once a month sharing my weight loss and favorite snacks/recipes. I did weight watchers wednesday a LONG time ago on the blog and apparently it's blown up on Pinterest and I still get comments on those blog posts from over 3 years ago. I've only lost about 3 lbs since ending Advocare but hey, it's a loss every week!

- I'm going to be doing some major phone dump posts here very soon because I haven't done one in awhile. I like to keep those pictures posted so I can always look back at them incase something happens to my phone. So, be prepared :)

- 38 days until Mexico - that is all......

I'll be back with more blog posts very soon!



Ashley R said...

I still track online with WW, so that sounds great. Yay for Mexico!!!

Darnell Collier said...

Oh no! I’m sorry for the mess up that got your phone number involved, Savanah. I know how annoying it is when your phone is mistakenly used for these kinds of promotions, especially when lots of people are interested in that jeep. Hmm. I hope it won’t happen again. Can you change your mobile phone to avoid those texts and calls? If not, I hope the ad has already been removed. :)

Darnell Collier

Melissa said...

I want to go to Mexico!

That is horrible about them posting your phone number. OMG! I would have been so mad & probably would have cried, too! Glad they got it taken down, though!

I have another lab tomorrow, my hcg last week was 14 so i am sure it's back to zero now. Hope all goes well for you... xoxo

Allison said...

So much good but crazy in this post!! Can I fit in your suitcase to Mexico??

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