Friday, March 21, 2014

The Last Few Weekends

The last month or so we've had some pretty fun weekends and I never get a post together for a weekend update in time. So now I have like 5 weekends full of pictures I want to share... 

The weekend of Feb 7-9 we went and had lunch at the Houston Food Truck Park with some friends. Then Sunday we stayed in our PJ's most of the day and started redecorating our bedroom. I hopefully will be sharing the final product of our bedroom soon!

This isn't that exciting but the weekend of Feb 14-16 we just took the kitties to the vet for their yearly appointments. We didn't do anything for Valentines Day because we were still doing the Advocare cleanse so we just stayed home and watched a movie. This was when we found out Pixie had the heart murmur so Saturday after the appointment was a emotional mess. 

The weekend of Feb 21-23 we had a wedding to go to Friday night. It was my friend Jessica's wedding who I met through instagram/blogging. Try explaining that to people you're sitting at a table with at the wedding! haha. Oh, and I made all of the table numbers and instagram signs! Then Saturday I stayed in my PJ's most of the day and Sunday was the day I found out was pregnant. 

The weekend of Feb 28 - March 2 we went to one of our friends block party on Saturday. The food was BBQ so John smoked ribs and we spent the day at our friends houses just hanging out. Then Saturday night we went to the new Palladium move theatre/bowling alley. We bowled, had dinner then saw Non Stop. 

The weekend of March 7-9 we went to dinner Friday night at a local pizza place. I had a horrible day that day with work so I needed some wine! I love that this place serves you a little personalized bottle of moscato :) Saturday we went to dinner with my friend Kindra and her husband Clint at Yardhouse. She just moved to Houston from Ft. Worth so I'm glad we'll be able to spend more time together! Then Sunday, Lucy got sick. She wanted to do nothing but snuggle dad. 

Then this last weekend, March 14-16, I got a much needed mani and pedi. Pretty disgusting, but my toe nail fell off a few weeks ago. I dropped a can on my toe wayyy back in the fall and it's been black ever since then and then finally fell off. So, I needed some major help with my toe and my pedicure lady did not disappoint! Then Saturday John and I had a date! We had a nice dinner at Hearsay in downtown and then went to see The Wizard of Oz at the Hobby Center! Sunday, I met Jessica to go to the outlets and John stayed at their house and brewed beer with her her husband Danny. It was a good day of shopping if you couldn't tell by the pic ;) 

And now that I'm caught up, I really hope to not get behind again! I miss blogging and writing about everything going on with us! 



Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

I laughed at the thought of trying to explain to people that you met her blogging. It seems like a really hard concept for others to grasp!

Jessica said...

Yeay, the pics you took at the wedding are so cute :)

Heather said...

Looks like a great couple of weekends! Love John's scruffiness in the first picture :) Your outfits are so darn cute! I need to go shopping with you :)

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