Thursday, March 27, 2014

#throwbackthursday Picture Dump Edition

Yes, this picture dump can definitely qualify as throwback thursday... I'm taking it all the way back to November since that is the last time I've done one of these!!

{one of my clients had kittens... took everything in me not to bring one of them home}

{new specs}

{birthday gift from John's sister}

{mastered the sock bun!}

{got my hair done at Dry Bar}

{Thanksgiving at my Mom's}

{one of my clients is a pastry chef so she gave me some macaroons she had made}

{NYE nails}

{Kendra Scott pretties}

{one of my favorite desserts}

{"snow" day here in Houston}

More coming soon!



Ericka said...

Picture dumps are so fun :) I love your hair curly--so pretty!!!

Gwen said...

I'd be right there with you those kittens are so cute!!! And nothing bundt cake ahhh little bit of heaven right there!

Jayme said...

Ohhhh Nothing Bundt Cakes!!!! Why'd you have to post a picture of them?! Now this pregnant lady MUST. HAVE. ONE.

Heidi said...

Gosh, your kitties are adorable! As a fellow cat lady I love kitty pics! And your new specs are cute too. :)

Lisa said...

I love your new specs -- that is such a great picture!

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