Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Dream" Vacation: Part 1

Oh Cancun, How I miss you!! Really though, Cancun is our happy place. The flight is an hour and a half, we know the areas, it doesn't stress us out anymore and you get a relaxing vacation on the beach with unlimited food and drinks. What could be better? 

We booked our trip back in January and had been counting down the days ever since. We were so anxious to get back to the place we got married, Dreams Riviera Cancun. We left early Friday morning and were there for 5 nights. 

The flight was uneventful other than having to fill out or immigration paper in Spanish. I realized I remember alot more Spanish than I realize!

It was surreal pulling in to the driveway and getting out and walking in to the place where we got married less than a year and a half ago.  It kind of made me sad we weren't there with all of our family and friends again, but I snapped out of it real quick when they greeted us with a cold towel and champs! ;) 

We couldn't check in to our room until 3 so we had a few hours to eat lunch and hang out drink in the preferred club lounge and lobby. 

Once we got checked in to our room, our first thing to do was go to the balcony and check out our amazing view. And there we saw the first wedding of our trip there! 

Wasn't our view amazing?! I loved that we had a perfect view of the ocean plus we could see the resort and the pools. 

While we were hanging out in our room, we had a knock on our door and these were delivered to our room from the concierge. I'm pretty sure these were thanks to my excessive tagging of Dreams on IG and twitter ;) 

We were so tired from our trip, we decided to take a nap instead of go down to the pool since it was already so late in the afternoon. We went for dinner at El Patio, the Mexican restaurant at the resort, after we woke up and then watched the show they had at the main lobby. Then it was bed time! 

I was up bright and early our first full day there excited to get out to the pool! John wasn't as thrilled as I was so I laid in bed and enjoyed this amazing view. Seriously, why can't I wake up to that every day?!  We ordered room service for breakfast (I love Mexican hotcakes!!) then made our way down to the pool deck where our reception was held just over a year ago... 

We had lunch at Oceana right next to the pool. I LOVE, like seriously, I'm obsessed with their fresh pico. They would have to refill our bowl multiple times! After lunch, we went back to our spot on the deck and drank some more ;) 

We got back up to our room and there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us! When we checked in they asked if we had been there before and we told them yes, we got married there so they treated it like our anniversary! Then I sat out on our balcony in our jacuzzi, drank a beer and people watched for hours!

Saturday nights are Mexican night at the hotel so they set tables up all around the pool and set up a massive buffet. I don't remember them doing this when we were there last time so it was a nice surprise. The food was delicious and I loved the live mariachi music!

When we got back to our room they had put all the rose petals out and a Happy Anniversary sign on our door! We sat outside for awhile on our patio and listened to all the waves and music! 

Sunday was pretty much the same routine, wake up, eat breakfast, go to the pool ;) But first I had to have a picture with our anniversary sign! We had breakfast at the buffet this morning and then found our seats for the day at the entertainment pool.

{My new favorite drink is the Riviera Maya}

{we watched a wedding from our chairs}

Then it was more pictures from our room - 

{you can see the reception set up on the deck}

We ordered room service for a late lunch then got ready to go down to the lobby to have drinks at the bar and watch another show for the evening. Then it was bed time for another day in the sun! 

The second half of our trip is coming soon :)



Jenny said...

*sigh* Now you have me REALLY missing Mexico. I was already slightly missing it, now it's full-blown sad missing it. LOL Looks like y'all had an awesome time. So gorgeous down there. TAKE ME BACK!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Totally planning my 30th birthday tirp there!

Tricia Nae said... I'm pretty sure I NEED to go!!! We should have a blogger meet up there! Ha.

Cayla said...

Totally jealous! I've been on my husband for months for us to head back. Are dreams and secrets related? We stayed at Secrets Silversands and they had the same restaurants you mentioned above :)

Lauren said...

This makes me want to go NOW!

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