Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Dream" Vacation: Part 2

I don't really think the next 3 days need alot of explainin'. We ate, we drank, we swam, we laid out. Over and over again. 

{Monday's breakfast in the buffet}

{lunch at Seaside Grill - and John's "mexican lemonade" he had way too many of}

{John got his Dreams burger!}

{another day, another wedding!}

{If you're reading this, Hi Nicole! You looked gorg!}

{listening to reception music from our room}

{the best food at the resort - Italian}

{another room service breakfast on Tuesday}

{started our day at the beach but it got too windy}

{hiding under the umbrella during a 5 minute rain storm}

{drinks in the lobby}

{room service feast for dinner Tuesday night}

{our last meal at the resort on Wednesday}

{3rd times a charm... If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here}

{sad faces!}

Unfortunately, that was the end of 6 days in paradise! I'm so glad we got to go back to the place where we got married and experience those feelings again! But I don't think we will go back there. I found that the resort is VERY populated with families and wedding parties. I didn't realize it last time because we were one of the large wedding parties. I felt like John and I were the only single couple there. If we're not traveling with a group, I think we'll pick an adults only next time. Dreams has spoiled us though and I think we will stick with the Dreams family of resorts like Secrets, Now, etc. The service, staff, drinks, and food were way above par and once we have a family, we'll go back for sure! Thank you again Dreams for another exceptional trip!

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