Wednesday, May 7, 2014


**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own**

A few weeks ago ScoreBig contacted me to check out their site and gave me a credit to use towards tickets to an event in my city.

ScoreBig is a discount ticket website that works a bit like Priceline except you are bidding on sports and entertainment tickets. You can search for events in your city (in my case, Houston) and it will pull up any events that there are available tickets for. In my case there were tickets for upcoming concerts, Astros Baseball tickets, Rockets play off tickets, Disney on Ice and a few other things. I decided to bid on some Astros tickets since John and I love baseball and it would be our first game of the season!

ScoreBig Pros: 
-Easy to set up an account and it was free
-Prices for tickets were below face value
-The price I paid for our Astros tickets were cheaper than similar seats listed on other discount sites like Stubhub
-It's easy. You pick your price and find out right away if it's accepted or not
-No fees or shipping. The price you bid is the price you pay.
-There is a gauge on the screen letting you know how likely it is that your bid will be accepted. Even though it's not 100%, I was able to tell if my bid was completely off or not.

ScoreBig Cons: 
-If your bid is not accepted, you have to wait 24 hours to bid again
-You don't get to pick your exact section and seat. You bid on an area of the stadium (there are different star levels) and your tickets are guaranteed in that area. It's alot like the hotels are on Priceline.

I would gladly recommend ScoreBig to my readers and will add them to my list of places I check for discount tickets when we are in need for another sporting or entertainment event.

We bought our Astros tickets for this past Friday, but since we got the phone call that we needed to be in New York, we ended up having to give our tickets away. I passed them off to our friends Kindra and Clint and she took pictures for me so you could see how great our seats were!

I got 2 - 5 Star seats for $60 each. The seats were right above the Astros dugout and you can see that they had a great view of the game! Similar seats in the same section were selling for over $70 each on other discount sites so I feel like ScoreBig definitely gave us a great deal!



Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

That sounds like such a neat site! I'll have to try it out.

Roberto said...

Go to their official website and check out the gallery. It's like a huge loft with a dancefloor and a great rooftop. You get a great view of the city.
venue Houston

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