Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Between traveling to Cancun, New York, Ft. Worth and then back to New York in just over a month, we've managed to still have some time for fun.

I had fun with my family in Ft. Worth for Mother's Day

{5th flight in 2 weeks - managed to pack it all in a carry on!}

{Drover snuggling me}

{mom took us for pedicures - this place had margaritas!}

{they rubbed this stuff all over my legs}

{my first Bahama Bucks experience - I am now officially snocone spoiled}

{Babes. Had to take a picture and send to John to make him jealous :)}

And then came home to a sweet Mother's day giftcard to my favorite nail place from Pixie and Lucy ;) 

I celebrated Nurses week with my coworkers and got my 1 year pin at work

{gifts I got my coworkers - 8oz PO TID PRN Stress ;)}

We went to a Dynamo Game with Dan and Maria

We had a Memorial Day party at our house at the pool 

We had a couple of nights out with friends

{my first Pluckers experience}

{drove a long way just to get a Bahama Bucks in Houston!}

And plenty of kitty snuggle time after being gone from these babies so much this month!

What a month!



Lacey Jo said...

I'm happy that you have found time to enjoy yourself through all the tough times. I wish I knew how to pack just a carry on. I feel like it is impossible. Also that nail place looks so NICE! and they have drinks?! I need to find me one of those.

Allison @ Texas Mrs. said...

I seriously love Babes!!!! They have the best chicken & mashed potatoes of all time :)

Holly said...

Your kittens are so adorable!! Plus you always wear the cutest outfits!

Lauren said...

You've been a busy lady! Love your Tory bag! It's perfect!

Colie's Kitchen said...

I saw something online about Houston getting four more (I think) bahama bucks. I am hoping one will be in West Houston!! -Nicole

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