Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#savanahs100happydays Challenge: Days 31-40

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Day 31 - Pixie missed me so much while I was gone. She wanted to snuggle me all day :)

Day 32 - I didn't take this picture on this day obviously, but this day week had been stressful and I needed a little reminder of just how lucky I am!

Day 33 - I got my credit score in the mail - whoa!! Who knew I'm so good with my money?!

Day 34 - Celebratory sno cones from Bahama Bucks! What are we celebrating? You'll find out soon ;)

Day 35 - And a celebratory dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Churasscos, with our favorite Tres Leches!

Day 36 - Fajita night at the Ryans!

Day 37 - Lucy jumped up in my lap as soon as I sat down on the couch

Day 38 - monthly massage appointment

Day 39 - The next vacation countdown has started. Spent my evening looking at excursions!

Day 40 - It was quarter end this week and John had worked until midnight every night. Thursday he actually got home "early" (7pm) and didn't have to work 4th of July! I was happy about it, but I think Lucy was even happier ;)


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