Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse - COMPLETE!

10 days are finally done and the results are in...

I lost 6 lbs and John lost 8.5 lbs!

I am very pleased with how everything went and we have definitely changed our eating habits!

What I'm most proud of? Not having ANY dairy or diet coke for 10 whole days. Y'all I love my milk, bowls of cereal, cheese... so no dairy was very hard. And the no diet coke thing flat out sucked. I have added back in diet coke, but only 1 can a day. I crave water now which I never did before. In fact, before this cleanse I rarely drank water. There would be days I would have NO water at all.

We also limited carbs during the cleanse which was really good for me since we eat pasta alot. We had 1 night of whole wheat pasta on the cleanse and ate quinoa a few times, but other than that and of course fruit, no other carbs were had.

These were some of our meals that got us through the 10 days...

{tomato basil chicken with whole wheat pasta - minus the butter}

{grapes for dessert and snacks}

{I used half of this and half water to mix with the nasty ass fiber drink - made it a little more tolerable}

{brussel sprouts - learned I'm not a huge fan!}

{bunless grilled burgers, brussel sprouts and a pickle}

{stuffed bell papers with turkey taco meat, salsa and pico}

{a leftover mixture of the turkey taco meat plus black beans and quinoa}

{grilled bison and corn}

{another little mixture I threw together for lunch - quinoa, black beans, pico, cilantro and salsa}

{sugar free jello, cool whip Free and strawberries}

{turkey sausage, egg whites, and a banana}

{marinated grilled chicken and grilled asparagus}

{spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs}

{random salad mix with eggs and a fat free balsamic vinegar dressing}

So, what's next?

We're continuing to eat healthy. The cleanse really helped open our eyes to how bad we were eating and how eating healthy really can be good food. We will splurge every once in awhile. We went to a wedding this weekend and you bet I had wedding cake and a few glasses of wine. We also went out to dinner for my father in laws birthday saturday night at Buca Di Beppo which is family style italian. I ate, but didn't over eat like I usually do there. And I ordered water to drink!

I am still prepping my lunches and snacks for the car so I have no excuses to stop for fast food.

I also joined Weight Watchers again. I had huge success a few years ago when I joined and I'm hoping this will keep me accountable. I also plan to add in exercise again. (John and I didn't work out the entire cleanse).

So, here's to a new journey for both of us. We have a long road ahead, but know we are capable and we have to do it for our health!


Friday, February 14, 2014

The Perfect Marriage

Since it's the National Marriage Week, the week of love, Valentines Day, etc., I thought it would be a good time to write about something that I've been wanting to write about for awhile...

I know most of you like to read about real life. You like to hear about ups and downs. You don't want perfection all the time. And it's been brought to my attention that some of you think that John and I have a "perfect" marriage and that's all I share on the blog.

So, my questions is, what exactly does perfect mean?

Do you think we never fight? We do
Do you think we are rich? We aren't
Do you think we agree on everything? We don't
Do you think we don't annoy each other? We do

No one is perfect, so in my opinion, no one has the perfect marriage. But there are people who are perfect for each other which can make a marriage pretty dang good.

Our marriage is perfect for us.

What I share on this blog is real life for us. Yes, we argue occasionally and we don't always agree but that is minimal when looking at the big picture. We have fun together, we laugh together, we cry together, we spend most of our time together.

I don't want anyone to ever think that our marriage is perfect because we aren't. Our marriage is perfect for us in my eyes and that is all that matters.  And what is perfect for us may not be perfect for everyone else.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend

For the sake of documenting, I wanted to make sure to blog about our fun Super Bowl weekend we had even though it was weeks ago!

Friday John took off work because we finally got the painters out to our house. With the bad weather Houston had, our overhaul got pushed back a weekend, but we are so pleased with how it all turned out. The bedroom is coming along and I will share pictures of it all completed soon! We also got our kitchen painted... I'll be sharing full pictures of that soon as well, but here is a little sneaky at our BLUE kitchen!

Saturday my mom came in town and we spent the majority of the day hanging stuff back on our walls but Saturday night we spent the evening at John's parents for my Mother in law's surprise 60th birthday party. Her birthday isn't until March, but there were 8 of their close friends in town from New York this weekend, so my sister in law decided to throw her an early birthday party so they could be there to celebrate too. It was a candy crush theme because she is OBSESSED with candy crush! haha. My sister in law did a great job of planning everything!

{me and momma}

{I love my honey with his beard!}

{all the friends from New York}

John was put in charge of making a brisket and ribs for the superbowl at the request of the New Yorkers so as soon as we got home Saturday night, he started his smoker and cooked all night long. My mom left Sunday morning and then we went back to John's parents to watch the superbowl with brisket, ribs and cake balls in hand. 

And John won the squares game! 

I honestly didn't care about the superbowl and didn't watch most of it, but it's always a fun weekend especially when good food, friends and birthdays are involved as well! 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Advocare 10 day Cleanse

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably don't know that John and I started the Advocare 10 day cleanse on Sunday. We bought it back in November and just never found the perfect time to start because of the holidays. We didn't want to start something and set ourselves up for failure so we waited until a slow time in our lives to really focus on it.

So we are 4 days in and this shit is hard. We had been eating really bad over the last few months so this is so much harder because we aren't used to prepping food, eating fruits/veggies, drinking water, and not going out every night! And unfortunately my weight showed for all of that. John and I both are at the heaviest weights we have ever been and we knew it was time to change. We are hoping the cleanse will put us back in to a good routine and healthy eating habits.

The hardest part for me is my job - I'm in the car all day so I have to find foods that can stay in a cooler all day and be eaten on the go and not have to be heated up. It's taken a lot of prep time every night, but it's getting easier. It is so much easier to just run through the drive thru somewhere, but I know I can't do that every day!

{my "office"}

John and I are HUGE caffeine addicts - me Diet Coke and him coffee so this has been hard for us but the Spark has helped tremendously. I still crave diet cokes for the taste (not the caffeine) and John still craves coffee but I'm hoping this will break some of our bad habits. Maybe I can just have 1 diet coke a day afterwards instead of the 4 I was drinking! (yes you read that right!)

{my new pink blender bottle and my favorite Spark - fruit punch}

So, anyway, just wanted to touch base (I know it's been forever since I've blogged) and keep everyone in the loop about whats been going on with us! We aren't really doing this to loose alot of weight in 10 days (even though it would be nice!!) but we're doing this to make a lifestyle change so weight will come off easier and the healthy way in the months to come!

Wish us luck!!

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