Monday, June 30, 2014

#savanahs100happydays Challenge: Days 11-20

I'm already on day 38 of this challenge and I am loving it! You can see my first 10 days here and now I'm sharing Days 11-20! If you want to see these every day, make sure to follow me on instagram

Day 11 - I was sick this week so having something cold on my throat really helped. Froyo! 

Day 12 - I tried the Cherry nerd slush from Sonic for the first time - new addiction!

Day 13 - I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I was happy that they gave me antibiotics and cough medicine!

Day 14 - First time in a week I felt like a human. We went to Pluckers with some friends and I had a big mason jar of sweet tea.

Day 15 - date with my hubby!

Day 16 - I love the fact that he grocery shops with me

Day 17 - One of my clients graduated from high school so I gave her this book with a sweet note in it saying how proud I am of her. 

Day 18 - It was Pretty Little Liar's Day!

Day 19 - Dinner ready in the crockpot makes me super happy when I get home from work!

Day 20 - I'll elaborate more on this later, but on this day, I was so excited about emails being exchanged about possibly building a house! (more to come!)


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Between traveling to Cancun, New York, Ft. Worth and then back to New York in just over a month, we've managed to still have some time for fun.

I had fun with my family in Ft. Worth for Mother's Day

{5th flight in 2 weeks - managed to pack it all in a carry on!}

{Drover snuggling me}

{mom took us for pedicures - this place had margaritas!}

{they rubbed this stuff all over my legs}

{my first Bahama Bucks experience - I am now officially snocone spoiled}

{Babes. Had to take a picture and send to John to make him jealous :)}

And then came home to a sweet Mother's day giftcard to my favorite nail place from Pixie and Lucy ;) 

I celebrated Nurses week with my coworkers and got my 1 year pin at work

{gifts I got my coworkers - 8oz PO TID PRN Stress ;)}

We went to a Dynamo Game with Dan and Maria

We had a Memorial Day party at our house at the pool 

We had a couple of nights out with friends

{my first Pluckers experience}

{drove a long way just to get a Bahama Bucks in Houston!}

And plenty of kitty snuggle time after being gone from these babies so much this month!

What a month!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#savanahs100happydays Challenge: Days 1-10

In case you missed why I am doing this, you can go here to read about it. And after yesterdays post regarding our really crappy month, this all just came at the right time. This challenge is alot of fun and has really forced me to find the good in the day even when some days I'm just plain grumpy. I have alot to be thankful for and this challenge has really opened my eyes to that.  So, I'm going to not only post these pictures on instagram, but here as well because I know not everyone uses instagram. I'll post 10 days at a time and give the story behind each picture! 

Day 1 - I finally was able to write out some of my feelings post miscarriage. This was the picture I used in the blog post

Day 2 - I had a migraine all day on Saturday so I was pretty much on the couch ALL day. Towards the end of the day, I finally took a warm bath, put on fresh flip flop PJ's, and John went to pick up my favorite hole in the wall Mexican food for dinner!

Day 3 - We had a Memorial Day party at our house the Sunday before Memorial Day. I took this picture before everyone got there - pool, cold drinks and getting a tan - almost nothing better!

Day 4 - I love me a clean kitchen. Especially when hubby does it and I don't have to! 

Day 5 - Well It was kind of hard to find something to be happy about considering we were getting on an airplane to go to a funeral. But, in all the chaos I found something. Our flight was delayed b/c of bad weather so we were going to miss our connecting flight in Charlotte. Luckily the check in lady was able to put us on a different airline and get us there direct. After we finally made our way to 2 different terminals we were at our gate and I enjoyed a frosty!

Day 6 - Again, not much to be happy about this day in New York. But my black bow peep toe heels made my black dress a little cuter.

Day 7 - On the plane home finally! And we had direcTV on the 4 hour flight. This makes my TV loving heart so happy. Thanks United!

Day 8 - I can't resist taking a picture of a cute cat with her paws tucked in ;) The best!

Day 9 - Saturday night after working all day (I had to work to make up for one of the days I took off to go to NY), we met up with Jessica and Danny at one of our favorite BBQ places, Brisket House, and enjoyed a cold beverage as well. 

Day 10 - Jessica got me this CUTE cat watch. Leopard print and a cat head. This is one happy crazy cat lady!

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