Tuesday, May 12, 2015

40 Weeks of Growing Reece

I said I was going to blog weekly pregnancy updates, yet again, never got around to it. I did take weekly pictures though and did small updates on instagram. So, again for the sake of documenting, here are my weekly bump pictures starting at 13 weeks! 

And in case you're wondering why I am standing in front of a bunch of dirt, we decided to take my weekly picture at the new house. My new week started on Sundays and Sunday was our day that we drove out to see the house progress so it made sense. Then we could continue the pics once we moved. We wanted to do all the pictures on the "back porch" but with construction that didn't always happen. Then once we got moved in, the pics moved in front of the fire place. I didn't do an update with all the weeks, sometimes I just took a picture, but if there was an update on instagram, I put it below the picture here! 

Week 16 - 16 weeks and baby is the size of an avocado! 4 more weeks till we find out if #babyryan41215 is a boy or girl! Everyone except John thinks it's a boy!

Week 17 - Baby is still doing great as of our appt last Monday. Heart rate has been consistent in the 140s and doctor tried to tell us the sex but the baby was moving way too much. Still can't feel any movement but I have an anterior placenta so they said it might be awhile :( Overall, I'm feeling great and pregnancy is flying by!
Week 18 - Baby is the size of a sweet potato this week. Still can't feel any movement thanks to my placenta. Starting to really feel and look pregnant this week but absolutely loving it!

Week 19 - Had to move inside today because of all the brick on the back porch. Nothing new to note this week except feeling more pregnant and getting bigger! Oh and Baby Ryan is enrolled in school as of yesterday! 1 more week till our anatomy scan.
Week 20 - If the next 20 weeks go as fast as the first, we are in trouble. I *think* I'm feeling movement as of this week but I'm not sure. We have our anatomy scan Monday and find out Friday if Baby Ryan is a boy or girl! I'm still feeling BOY! We have a boy name picked out and are getting closer to a girls name and nurseries decided on for both.

Week 21 - It's been a BIG week for us! I for sure started feeling movements and we found out it's a BOY! Baby Ryan can now be called Reece! I am so excited to be a boy momma and John is already talking about playing sports and video games with him.
Week 22 - Nothing new or exciting this week other than Reece is more and more loved every day. It's still weird to say Reece instead of the baby but we love it and can't wait to meet him

Week 23 - I can actually feel Reece kick now, not just flutters. John also felt him kick for the first time yesterday!
Week 24 - Reece is kicking and moving like crazy and we can actually SEE his movements on my tummy now!

Week 25 - Momma has had the major sickies this week and only got dressed for the closing on the house today. Reece is doing great as of 25 week appt yesterday. HR is at 140 and doctor said he's laying horizontal right above my hips. Explains all the kicks in my right side! We are excited to finally be in the house and start working in his nursery!
Week 26 - Momma is still fighting off her cold/ear/sinus infection. The new king size bed is marvelous and making sleep amazing! I'm enjoying it while I can before the uncomfortableness really sets in. Reece is moving and kicking like crazy especially early in the morning and late at night. We hope to start working in his nursery this weekend!

Week 27 - I passed my glucose test but have started having feet/ankle swelling this week and had my first pregnancy related Charlie horse- that was bad! Otherwise I'm feeling good, just tired more often. No work got done in the nursery this weekend, but hopefully soon!
Week 28 - Finally in the 3rd trimester! I feel like this week the uncomfortable feelings have started with extra aches and pains, restless nights, peeing and being hungry ALL.THE.TIME. And I'm starting to need my naps back during the day. Reece is moving more than ever and they're more rolls than kicks now. I've started to have my freak out moments this week knowing we're so close. We are so excited though!We've picked a color for the nursery and hope to get it painted this week!

Week 29 - We have paint and a crib in the nursery thanks to my sweet hubby! Reece has been loving hanging out in my rib cage this week and moving all the time. I'm pretty sure random people can see my stomach moving. I had my first Braxton hicks contractions this week and well, let's just say I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an epidural after feeling those! Haha! We also got registered at the hospital this week and registered for our childbirth class and hospital tour. First baby shower is this coming weekend!!
Week 30 - 3/4 of the way through and 70(ish) days left! We had a doctors appt this week- Reece is still really high, heart rate was 138, I'm measuring right on track and got the good news that I've only gained 3.5lbs so far. We also had our first baby shower yesterday! Busy but another amazing week growing our little man.

Week 31 - Reece is rolling around all over but really seems to love my rib cage. I've also started feeling him hiccup this week (I think)! His room is finally coming together and getting organized. I have been very tired lately but know it'll just get worse from here and that's ok! I still can't believe how close we are
Week 32 - I think my face shows how sleep is going lately. It's pretty much non existent. I'm having occasional Braxton Hicks and swelling but nothing too bad. Reece's movements have been crazy lately and it seems like he's moving all the time. Doctor says everything is going great and we are both healthy! I am very excited for our 2nd shower this weekend!! Reece is already so spoiled :) oh and one day we'll have all the boxes unpacked

Week 33 - We had our second shower yesterday and of course he was so spoiled again! The nursery is almost finished- just have to put pictures in the frames, hang stuff in the wall and still waiting on his bedding! The pack n play/bassinet is put together and in the bedroom. I'm feeling pretty good, just super tired, can't sleep at night and have to pee all the time but it's ok! My mom was in town this weekend and saying bye to her today and knowing next time I'll see her we'll be in the hospital having Reece was so surreal. Can't believe we're in the last few weeks!
Week 34 - Holy cow! My belly is now measuring a week ahead as of my doctors appt on Thursday so they're doing another ultrasound at 37 weeks to check his size and then we'll discuss induction if needed. Otherwise he's healthy, strong and growing! Momma gained 5.5lbs in 2 weeks. I've started packing my hospital bag and baby laundry was started yesterday. I can't believe we're almost there.

Week 35 - I honestly hadn't realized how big my belly had gotten until seeing this pic! I'll spare you the details, but I feel like my body was really getting prepared this week. As uncomfortable as I am, it really is amazing what the woman's body can do. We got a lot accomplished this week- car seat is installed in my car, the nursery has just a few more things to do and I got my FMLA paperwork filed at work. My insurance company sent me my breast pump and we set the video monitor up and played around with it. Baby boy we are ready for you, But keep growing as long as you need!
Week 36 - I don't go back to the doctor till tomorrow so no updates there, but we've got a lot accomplished at home this week! The nursery is FINALLY completely done and ready for his arrival. More baby laundry is done and we've worked more on our hospital bags. My cravings continue to be cherry Dr. Pepper icees and the gas station worker even recognized me yesterday...haha! I'm still having Braxton hicks but nothing regular so far! Less than a month to go!

Week 37 - How in the world did we already get here?! Had an appt Monday and doctor says Reece is already engaged and he is pretty sure I will not make it to my due date. We'll have more answers after my appt this week where they'll check his size on ultrasound and see if I'm dilated. I can definitely tell a difference in his placement bc of all the pressure and having to pee ALL the time! And the waddle is In full effect. I also think I've started to get the pregnancy related carpal tunnel in my right hand this week... Let's hope that goes away after he's here! We still have a few last minute things to do, but nothing major- we are ready for him whenever he decides he's ready!
Week 38 - I honestly thought we'd have a baby by now based on how I feel and what the doctor said, but we are still waiting! I had an appt this week with an ultrasound- I'm not dilated but 50% effaced. He's still measuring big but only about a week ahead now at about 7lbs 6oz. He also has lots of hair! I sterilized bottles and binkys yesterday and finished my hospital bag so we are ready whenever he decides to make his appearance!

Week 39 - Almost there! Another week I didn't think we would see but I'm ok with it as long as he's healthy! Had an appt on Thursday and I'm still not dilated - doctor said we're letting nature take its course as of now. I go back this Thursday for an NST and another appt so let's hope I have made some progress then! My mom is gonna go ahead and come early this week and thursday we've decided will be my last day at work. As much as I'm ready to meet him, I know I will miss this so I'm just trying to take these last moments in. Will there be a bumpdate next week????
Week 40 - Here we are, finally at our due date! Can't believe it's already here and that we don't have a baby yet. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for another check up and if Reece doesn't come on his own soon we'll be induced Wednesday evening. Honestly, I feel really good to be 40 weeks and if we have to wait a few more days to meet him, that's perfectly fine with me as long as he's healthy! I can't believe this time can be over at any minute, so I'm just trying to take it all in. Pregnancy really is a miracle and I'm so thankful I've been able to carry a healthy baby to term with very little issues or symptoms! Say a prayer for all of us this week as we welcome our baby boy and start this new chapter of our lives!

Looking back at these pictures makes me miss being pregnant! When I was pregnant, I swore I wouldn't miss it. I had a very easy pregnancy with no complications at all, but those last few weeks were miserable and I think that kind of jaded me. But now looking back, I do miss it. (But it does not make me want another baby!!) And I know John is so glad the pregnancy is over just so he doesn't have to take a gazillion pictures of me till I find one I like every Sunday :) 


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