Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coming Home from the Hospital

Yes, coming home from the hospital deserved a post all by itself. It was a long 3 nights in the hospital and I was SO ready to go home. Friday morning, the doctors finally came in and released both of us and we immediately started getting ready. I wish I would have pulled out my real camera and taken real pictures, but of course Reece was crying, I was stressed and they were pushing us out the door to be out by noon. So, my mom snapped pictures with her phone while we were heading out. 

I don't have a great picture of his outfit but it's from Anne Everett Rae on Etsy. His booties have been passed down in our family. My mom and 2 aunts wore them home from the hospital, then me, my brother, sister and 2 cousins wore them home from the hospital. We have them on a shelf in his room now until the next baby in the family gets to wear them! The blanket was gifted to us by a family friend of John's parents. She made it for us and when we got it, I knew we would be using it for him coming home. It's beautiful. 

Thank goodness the hospital at a "launch zone" for the car to pick us up and someone there to help with the car seat. We got it installed in our car fine, but hadn't practiced actually using the straps inside. ha. The lady had been trained on how to strap the baby in luckily! Reece did great in the car. I was so worried he would scream the whole hour drive home since he'd been crying so much in the hospital. But he slept the entire time!

I was so anxious to get home to introduce Reece to his kitty sisters. They didn't really acknowledge there was anything different until I sat down on the couch with him and Pixie came up and started smelling him. Lucy hated when he would cry, but overall, they did great with him being home. I don't remember alot about that day. Not sure if it was from pain medicine or being over exhausted. I'm glad my mom took pictures, otherwise I wouldn't remember it at all! 

I can't believe this was already 6 weeks ago!


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