Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Hospital Stay

I took so many pictures while in the hospital (duh!) and we had a crazy few days there and I want to remember it all, even the ugly parts. You can read Reece's birth story here which starts the beginning of our hospital stay. 

I had Reece on Tuesday, April 14th and that night was pretty uneventful. The nurse took my catheter out, cleaned me up, I was nursing him every 3ish hours, and we cleaned up lots of poopy diapers. 

My mom went back to our house to stay and came back with my step dad the next morning and they spent the day with us at the hospital. Reece had a very busy day on Wednesday. We were still exclusively nursing every 3 hours, he got circumcised, had his hearing test, and then they took his hospital pictures. I swear every time I would nod off and try to rest, someone was coming in the door. Because we were in a teaching hospital, not only did doctors come in, so did the medical students and residents. They came in and did an assessment and asked questions then the doctors came in and basically asked all the same things. This happened for me and for Reece! Kevin, one of our good friends, came to visit that afternoon, John's parents came back up after work and our friends Jessica and Danny also came to visit. 

Unfortunately, that night, everything took a turn for the worse. Reece started getting very fussy which ended up turning to screaming. Nothing would console him and he just wanted to be held. I was beginning to think he was hungry even though I kept trying to remind myself of all my breastfeeding training that the colustrum IS enough for them. Finally after everyone left and it had been hours of him screaming, I was convinced he was hungry. He would nurse off and on and just kept acting like he wasn't satisfied. I finally asked the nurses for formula. You would have thought I was asking to kill my baby by how they reacted. The hospital gets graded on breastfeeding rates and all that so they are very pushy with breastfeeding. I had to have a complete melt down in order for them to give me formula. I tried to explain that I had had a breast reduction and maybe I really am not producing enough colustrum. They wanted me to get donor milk from the milk bank instead of formula, which is very expensive. I declined because I knew long term I wouldn't have enough breast milk for him and donor milk just wasn't a feasible long term option for us. We finally gave him formula, and bam, he stopped screaming and slept so good that night (and so did mom and dad!!) 

Thursday, John left me and Reece at the hospital to go home to check on the cats and also pick up my mom. She rode home with John's parents the night before because my step dad had to leave to go back to Ft. Worth. He was gone for a few hours and me and Reece just hung out in our room. We didn't have any visitors this day and all of Reece's big things were taken care of the day before so it was a pretty relaxed day. The lactation consultant came to see me and we discussed our plan for breastfeeding. She told me to pump often and still try to latch him on as much as possible, but supplement with formula like we had been doing. She also gave me a special syringe to feed him my pumped milk and formula while he was latched on. 

Wondering why there are so many outfit changes this day? He kept pooping on himself! We changed so many dirty diapers the first 2 days of his life!! Reece had a great day but again, at night things changed. He ended up puking and screamed most of the night. He wouldn't let me put him down so I didn't sleep. My mom was there with us so we were all 3 up most of the night just trying to console him. I should have known then something wasn't right! Instead we went a whole month trying to figure out his tummy issues. 

The next morning, Friday, Reece and I were both released to go home and that will get a whole post on its own because we have lots of pictures from that! :) 



Tiff said...

Congratulations on the handsome addition to your family. I love seeing all the pictures! Hope everything is going well!

Nicole said...

I love that hospital room sign! Where did you get it?

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