Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reece William: 1 Month

Oh Reece. How are you already 1 month old? I know I'll probably write this same sentence with every passing month. I really can't believe 1 month of his life is already gone. I will say though, a few weeks ago I was wishing for this time to pass because of his screaming. Even though I knew I'd regret it, those weeks were HARD but it seems like we have a happy baby now! (more on that below). 

Weight: 8 lbs 8.5 oz (as of Monday)

Height: 22.5" (as of last week)

Likes: Eating, loud white noise, riding in the car, me singing to him, rocking, his rock n play, sucking his binky, bath time 

Dislikes: Tummy time, being flat on his back, cold wipes, waiting for his bottle, getting out of the bath 

Hair: Still has lots of brown hair! I feel like it's getting lighter but then some days it looks darker again so I'm not really sure if it's changing. I love fixing it in a mohawk! He's also got a cow lick up front just like his dad. 

Eyes: Dark brown! 

Clothes: Still in newborn clothes except for footed sleepers. We've had to retire the first of those this week because he can't straighten his legs anymore in them! But 0-3 month ones are too big everywhere else so I've had to start looking for pajamas without feet in them. He's very warm natured and sweats a lot so we may even start letting him sleep in a regular onesie, especially this summer. He's also got big feet so finding socks that stay on are hard also. He's got a few pairs that look like man socks that stay on and that's it! 

Diapers: Still in a newborn. We ran out of newborn diapers and tried size 1 but they are still too big so I had to go out and get more newborns. 

Milestones: Not alot of milestones at this point except 1 BIG one, smiling! Yes, he is definitely recognition smiling now and I love it! He's following with his eyes and will turn his head towards sounds also. Oh, and he coos!

Eating: We've had a rough month with Reece's tummy and eating. I started out breast feeding/pumping in the hospital, but because of my breast reduction he was still so hungry. I added in formula and that's when everything changed. He's had an upset tummy leading to colicy symptoms since then. And when I say "colicy" I truly mean he screamed 90% of the time. We've been to the pediatrician about 6 times and finally we have an answer. Long story short, he has a milk protein sensitivity or allergy. They have him on Enfamil Nutramigen now which has made a big difference and I have a *knock on wood* happy baby now. Today has been a great day so far and he hasn't cried and only fussed a few times! He's also been diagnosed with reflux and is on zantac two times a day to help with that. Although, we're in the process of getting it changed to prevacid because he's still spitting up and can't ever lay flat. It comes out his nose :(  He's eating 4oz every feeding, but there's not really a schedule yet. We feed him when he's hungry. We don't let him eat less than 3 hours since the last feeding though. Sometimes it's every 3 hours on the dot, sometimes he'll go 6 hours (if he's sleeping.) He is a great eater though and acts like he hasn't had a bottle in days when we feed him! 

Sleeping: Reece is not a very good sleeper but I think that has everything to do with his tummy issues and reflux. He stays awake a lot of the day just doing short cat naps. He does a good long stretch at night, goes to sleep around 8pm and will sleep until around 3 but that's not a consistent thing yet. He usually does 1 long nap during the day and that's when I usually try to nap too if I don't have anything else more pressing to do. We're trying to get on a *loose* schedule but with his tummy hurting if he was screaming, we really just tried to get him to sleep to get him comfortable. I'm hoping now that he's feeling better we can try to get on a eat/play/sleep schedule and have a good bedtime routine to help him sleep longer and better at night. 

Momma: It's been a rough month for momma. C-Section, a preeclampsia hospital stay and a screaming baby really had me down for a couple of weeks. I felt like all I did was cry. The last week has been 10x better, especially now that we have an answer and a diagnosis for Reece. I healed really quickly from my c-section luckily and didn't have to take any pain medications. I'll blog more about my preeclampsia story soon, but I have weened off of those medications as well. I'm down below my pre-pregnancy weight already (I didn't gain much weight to begin with) and wearing all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. 

Daddy: Daddy was home with us the first week and I'm so glad he decided to do that. He's back at work now and helps out with Reece as soon as he gets home. Daddy is a heavy sleeper though and doesn't even hear Reece cry in the night!! When I was in the hospital, Reece and daddy had quality time together at home and I was so impressed that John stepped up and took care of him on his own! 

The Cats: The cats have adjusted wonderfully, atleast I think so. Pixie seems to really love her brother and also seems protective over him. She follows me everywhere with him and even crawled up in my lap today while I was feeding him. Lucy hasn't really wanted anything to do with him, but she's not being mean or hiding at all. She's still her normal self and sleeping with us, just not interested in him. When Pixie gets close to him, he has started noticing her and follows her with his eyes. Pixies tail has gotten in his face a few times and he is not a fan of that! 

Favorite Baby Items: 
-Dr. Browns bottles - we started with Avent and the nipples started collapsing so we decided to try Dr. Browns since he was having the tummy issues and reflux. They are a pain to clean, but they've been working great. 

-Rock n Play - we started with a bassinet but with the reflux diagnoses, the dr recommended for him to sleep upright and this has been a lifesaver. We have the auto one which has been a miracle! 

-Sleep Sheep- Before we had the rock n play that had music, we would turn the sleep sheep on for him the bassinet and it would help keep him asleep when we didn't want to play the loud white noise on our phones. I know we will use this more when we transition him to the crib 

-Boppy Newborn Lounger - This isn't something we registered for because I didn't think we needed it, but it's been great to have, especially because it keeps him at an incline. We've been using it the last few days in the bathroom for me to shower. 

-Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets- (or muslin swaddle blankets in general). Reece really needed to be swaddled when he was really colicy and these blankets were great. They were big enough and thin for my sweaty baby. 

And here are some more pictures of my sweet ONE MONTH OLD?! 

Daddy is a Mets fan and we got this quilt and monthly stickers as a gift from a family friend in New York so we have to do 2 pictures every month now! I love it! 

And just for a comparison...

We are so in love with our sweet boy and while I can't wait for him to grow up and see his personality bloom, I already miss that sweet 7lb baby we brought home from the hospital, screaming and all :) 



Elisabeth said...

Love the way you did his update, totally gonna have to steal it since it was so marvelously done. Happy Reese is finally feeling better.

Sara Lynn said...

He is just adorable!

My nephew is 4 months and has had terribly tummy issues/acid reflux so I know that is not fun. Poor kid pukes on himself ALOT! It has made for some scary mommy moments for my sister. I hope Reece starts to have less issues with it.

Shrinking Southern Yankee said...

What a cutie. You are doing great, new mom!

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