Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reece's Birth Story

I intended on writing this soon after we got discharged from the hospital, but a screaming baby and being readmitted to the hospital (which I'll write about eventually) kept me from it.

I know alot of you who read this are either friends with me on facebook or follow me on instagram and know about the days leading up to my due date, but for documentation purposes and so I remember later on, I'll start from the beginning!

My doctor had been telling me for weeks that he didn't think I would make it to my due date. Reece was measuring big on the last 2 ultrasounds I had had and my belly started measuring big as well. So, I was really ready for a baby by about 37 weeks. Yes, I know 40 weeks is term, but when your doctor keeps telling you to be ready for a baby any day, you're ready for a baby any day!

Fast forward to week 39 and there was still no baby. At my 38 week appt I still wasn't dilated either. My mom decided to come in town on Tuesday before I was due just incase I went in to labor on my own so she wouldn't miss anything. That whole week was just waiting waiting waiting. I had an appt on Thursday of that week and while I had made some progress, I was still only about a fingertip dilated and not having regular contractions. They did an NST and I didn't have any contractions the whole time I was on the monitor. We discussed induction and he said they would do a slow induction process since I wasn't dilated at all and I could come in next week since I would be past my due date. The hospital unfortunately was full and they couldn't get me in until the next Wednesday. I was glad we finally had a date even though I wasn't excited about going that long past my due date. I had another appt the next Monday (the day after my due date) and was on the monitor again. I was still not dilated, but I was having regular contractions about ever 3-4 minutes. The doctor said he was going to call the hospital and tell them to fit me in a early as they could.

The next morning, April 14th, I got a call at 9am from the nurse at my doctors office saying it was go time and go ahead and come in the hospital to be induced. It didn't hit me until then that we were really fixing to have a baby. Luckily John had decided to work from home that day so he was there and we didn't have to wait on him to drive an hour home. I got up, showered, fixed my hair and put my makeup on and then we made our way to the hospital. By the time we drove there and got admitted to our room it was about noon. We had an awesome nurse who got me all settled in, started my IV and we started the long induction process, atleast what we thought would be a long induction process.

Because I was in a teaching hospital, my doctor has residents who do alot of the prework up until the actual delivery. They inserted the cervadil not too long after getting checked in and we would leave that in for about 12 hours. The TV in our room wasn't working so we were watching a movie when the nurse came in and said the baby was decelling and I needed to roll on my side and lay flat. I don't remember what time all of this happened but the cervadil had maybe been in an hour. The nurse remained calm (even though I know now it was more serious than she led on). About 5 minutes later she came back and said it was still happening and she took out the cervadil and washed all the medicine out of me. Maybe 10 minutes later, she comes back and says that the residents are calling my Doctor to see what he wants to do but then she raised a razor up and said, "I'm going to go ahead and shave you because we are most likely going to do a c-section." That's when I started freaking out. With in a few minutes, my doctor was there (his office is only a few floors up in the hospital) residents, anesthesia, and other nurses were there getting me prepped for surgery. It happened SO fast. My doctor said it was just way too early for the baby to be doing that and there was no way he could tolerate labor. My mom tried to take pictures in all the chaos, but only got a few. It truly was chaos and not how I pictured my labor going at all. 

The next thing I know I'm being wheeled down the hall and taken in to OR. John and my mom were taken somewhere else so I was alone and that's when I really lost it. Anesthesia came in and did my spinal. I'm so thankful for one of the residents who sat there and held my hands because I was crying and shaking so bad. They laid me down, started prepping me and were fixing to start when I finally asked where John was. I don't know if they forgot about him or if they wait until right before they start, but that's when they let him in. I could see the neonatology team over to my left which scared the crap out of me too but they had a screen up over my head so I could see what they were doing to the baby after he came out and took him to the warmer. The C-section seemed like it took forever. The sensation was very weird not being able to feel anything but alot of pressure. Finally, at 4:21pm I felt them pull Reece out and we heard him start crying. It was the best sound and we both cried. I knew that was a good sign but the neonatologist still had to check him out before I could see or hold him. They told me that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his foot and he had already passed meconium. Luckily I was induced when I was because he had not aspirated it. I finally saw him on the screen being checked out by the doctors and John went over to be with him and took pictures and brought them back to me so I could see. Finally, the neonatologist came over and said he checked out fine, and they brought him over to me and we got to do skin to skin the rest of the time in surgery. 

The rest of the c section seemed like even longer than us waiting on Reece's arrival. Finally, they got me all stitched up and we were on our way to recovery. They let me hold Reece the entire time as they wheeled me to the recovery room. Once we were there the nurse came in to help me breast feed. Because of my breast reduction, I really didn't know how it would go, but it went well the first time. He latched on and nursed for a good amount of time.

John's parents weren't there yet because they were anticipating a long induction as well so it was just me, John, my mom and Reece at first. John's parents finally got there and Reece was passed around the room for everyone to see. 

Around 8pm we were finally transferred to our postpartum room. My hospital is a mother baby hospital where the baby stays in the room with you the whole time. The nurse takes care of mom and baby. The nurse came in and gave him his bath and got us situated for the evening. 

The first night was hard because I couldn't get out of bed to help with anything. John has never changed a diaper and has only held 1 or 2 babies EVER so trying to help him from bed was definitely interesting. But he did amazing and really stepped up with the dirty diapers :) In the middle of the night that night, the nurse came to take out my catheter and get me cleaned up so the next day I could start moving around. 

And that's all I'll write about now. I want to write about the rest of our time in the hospital because I want to remember it and it was definitely interesting. But I'll save it for another day and another post! 

We are both still in awe of him and can't believe he's ours and he's actually here. The past 3 weeks have been HARD. I have a whole new respect for moms now. But I know I'll miss him being so small so I am taking it day to day, feeding to feeding, hour to hour and just taking him all in. He's pretty darn cute and special :) 



Alex said...

He is the cutest baby!!! Perfection. Glad to hear you're all doing well now :)

Jodi said...

That was quite the adventure. Glad they got him out when they did and that he was ok. He is beautiful!

Lindsay said...

I've been waiting for this! He's such a sweet little thing!

Can't wait to hear the rest!


Carolyn said...

What a crazy day you had!! Reece is absolutely precious!

Alyssa Whitt said...

He's beautiful! There is just nothing like a newborn.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Wow that escalated quickly! It was like admitting to here's the baby! But glad it went smoothly for the most part! He is a cutie!

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