Sunday, June 14, 2015

Reece William: 2 Months

My baby keeps growing up! He's now 2 months old! I am loving seeing his little personality develop and watching him learn. It's been a great month with lots of new updates! 

Weight: As of his last doctors appt which was 2 weeks ago he was 9lbs 10oz. He has his 2 month appt on Tuesday and I'll update this then. 

Height: I'll update as of our appt on Tuesday. 

Likes: Eating, being outside, walks, bath time, Aden & Anais blankets, sucking his binky 

Dislikes: Tummy time, being flat on his back, waiting for his bottle, burping

Hair: Right after he turned 1 month he started losing the hair on top of his head. He still had a lot on the back though. It's starting to grow back now and it looks really dark! No more mohawks for awhile though ;) 

Eyes: Dark brown! 

Clothes: He's in all 0-3mo and 3 mo clothes except for some shorts that are newborn. And even some of those are still a little big. I think it's because of his skinny legs. His belly is starting to chunk up though so I think we'll be out of the last newborn things soon. He's still having to wear mostly non footed sleepers because is long legs and big feet. Oh yeah and he's in size 6-12 month socks! I bought alot of his summer things in 3-6 months because the doctor told us how big he was going to be so I'm really hoping he will start growing so he can wear all his cute summer clothes! When he is in a good mood in the morning when he's getting dressed we play "dress up" and I try on some of his outfits just so we make sure we're not missing any outfits! 

Diapers: Size 1 

Milestones: He is smiling, "talking", and trying to laugh. He mimics us - if we stick our tongue out, he will do it back to us. He also thinks it's so funny when we do it. We're working on bubbles with him now. He has great head control despite having little tummy time. We are trying to have more floor time on his playmat but with the reflux it's hard for him to be flat on his back. I know we need to do it though to help with rolling over. I bought a chair off of our neighborhood garage sale site for him to have stimulation with toys and he's been liking it, especially with it outside - he has started swiping at the toys hanging on there! Reece also took his first road trip this month to Ft. Worth and got to meet alot of my family for the first time! He also went to his first birthday party, block party and celebrated his first Memorial Day. 

Eating: We are still working through all of his tummy issues and we are almost there I think. The pedi finally referred us to a GI doctor after he continued having bloody/mucousy poops on the nutramigen and continued to spit up quite a bit, mostly out of his nose. The GI doctor was worried about pyloric stenosis but an ultrasound ruled that out but he still had concerns because he was malnourished. We had switched from zantac to prevacid and neither were working so now he's on erythromycin (an antibiotic) to help with GI motility. I was very concerned at first about having him on an antibiotic for an unknown amount of time, but the doctor said he'd been prescribing it for 30 years and there had been no long term issues. And, I can actually see a difference with him on it. His spit ups are alot less now! He's still on nutramigen which I'm not really happy about because he continues to have abnormal diapers. We tried a prescription formula (neocate) and he puked up every bottle so that's why we went back to nutramigen. We have an appt with another GI doctor in July for a second opinion. But through all of this, he is still a great eater. He acts like we haven't fed him in days every time he gets a bottle. He's eating 4.5-5oz now 5 times a day. 

Sleeping: We have a great night time sleeper, but not a good napper! Reece sleeps 8-10 hours at night for us but takes very short cat naps during the day. He goes to bed usually between 9 and 10 and wakes up between 5 and 7. I really want to try to get him in bed earlier, but his feedings always just fall around 8-9 so then he's in bed after that. He's still sleeping in the rock n play in our room and naps are just wherever he falls asleep, including my arms. We just started working on crib naps this week. He doesn't sleep long in the crib (I think because he's flat) so by the end of the day he's super fussy from being over tired. I am asking the doctor on Tuesday about a wedge or something for his crib. We have got to get him in the crib though for naps before he goes to daycare. He also loves his Aden & Anais blankets and rubs them on his face when he goes to sleep. Which is another problem for daycare since they aren't allowed to have anything in the crib with them. We have alot of work to do! We are doing the eat/play/sleep routine and I think that has really helped with Reece's nighttime sleeping. We have a bedtime routine now with a bath then his bottle then snuggles with mom or dad then bed. 

Momma: I had my 6 week postpartum appt and everything is back to normal with me. My blood pressure however still has his moments of sky rocketing. I have an appt this week with a PCP to hopefully get a handle on it. I start working from home this week, only for 4 hours/week but it means that I'm that much closer to being back at work for good. I go back July 9th. We interviewed an in home daycare person last week to see if we'd rather have that than going to a "school" but we are leaning more towards The Goddard School where is already enrolled. It breaks my heart knowing that it's almost time to leave him every day, but I have to do it for our family and I also know I would go crazy if i stayed home every day with no adult interaction. I love my job and my clients and I do miss them. 

Daddy: Daddy is back to working full time but has been able to get off work to go to Reece's appointments with us. He helps us with our bedtime routine when he gets home from work and really helps out on the weekends when mommy is tired from the week. Today he offered to take Reece out to run errands and then took him on a walk, all while I napped :) 

The Cats: There's nothing new with the cats. Pixie has no problem being around Reece but Lucy has her moments. I don't see Lucy most of the day while I'm home, but she comes out when dad gets home. She still sleeps with us too. 

Favorite Baby Items: 
Everything is still the same as last month, but I thought I would put links to everything that we have incase anyone is wondering exactly what we are using and add our new favorites. 

-Rock n Play - The one thing I'll say about the rock n play - yes, it's great. BUT, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have to get it (like for reflux), because transitioning to a crib from it is HARD! So, buy at your own risk ;) 

-Boppy Newborn Lounger - This thing has been a lifesaver for us. Although just like the rock n play, he loves to nap in it so getting him to nap in the crib now is hard. 

-Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets- (or muslin swaddle blankets in general). Reece loves them. Like I said before, he loves rubbing them on his face to help him sleep, but again, another bad habit we have started. They have A&A security blankets I am going to get him instead and they also have A&A sleep sacks I am going to get for daycare because that IS something that is allowed. We also have a few Muslin blankets from this Etsy shop which we love! 

-Aden and Anais Washcloths - these are SO much better than the cheaper ones you can get in a big pack at the baby stores. I found a pack of 3 at Home Goods and decided to buy them since they were cheap. They are our go to washcloths and work so much better. I think this brand is just high quality and worth the money! 

- Baby Einstein Aquarium Soother - My mom bought this for Reece and it has been great for keeping him occupied in his crib and also for transitioning to the crib. 

And here are more pictures from our 2 month photo shoot today...

And for a good comparison shot... 

We love you so much Reece!



Casey Henre said...

We use the bamboo security blankets (have since my guy was 9 months) and they are amazing and so soft and breathable. Just beware - they are the size of a Lovie, not a blanket :) highly recommend the bamboo for the extra money :)

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

Glad your getting some answers with his GI issues, that's got to be so frustrating! My older son goes to the goddard school and we have really liked it so far!

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