Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reece William: 3 Months

Reece is 3 months old! Every day really gets better and better with him and we are loving watching him grow and learn new things. 

Weight: As of last night he was 11-15 (I have a baby scale for work so I'm able to weigh him regularly!)

Height: 24.25" as of his GI appt last Wednesday 

Likes: Eating, being outside, walks in his new stroller without his carseat, bath time, Aden & Anais lovies, sucking his binky/thumb, standing up, his puppy dog toy 

Dislikes: Tummy time, waiting for his bottle, burping, being overtired/overstimulated, when we laugh at him 

Hair: His hair is finally getting a little fuzzy on top and he doesn't look bald anymore. Still dark brown with a big cowlick. 

Eyes: Dark brown! 

Clothes: Well, I've learned that clothes are truly all over the place depending on brands. He's still wearing very few newborn shorts because he's so skinny but everything else is 0-3 months, 3 months or 3-6 months. He is very long so we're starting to have a hard time finding things that fit him right. They'll be too big around him, but too short. It'll take some time to figure out which brands are going to work best. I've also finally admitted that I went overboard with his clothes. He has way too many summer clothes. He will probably be able to wear a new outfit every day the rest of the summer! We still have our dress up time in the mornings and sometimes before bed. 

Diapers: Size 1; we also found out Reece is allergic to zinc oxide this month. He kept getting a terrible diaper rash and the only thing that would make it better was a prescription the doctor gave us. We would stop using it once it was better and go to a regular butt paste and it would come back. So we switched to sensitive diapers and A&D ointment instead and no more rash! 

Milestones: It has been a very exciting month. It really seems like every day he is learning something new. He "talks" ALOT! He started giggling. He blows spit bubbles and has started sucking his thumb as of this weekend! When we were at his GI appt last week, he was laying on his back on the table and while I was talking to the doctor, he decided to roll over! He has done it 2 more times since then, both tummy to back. He still hates tummy time, but he is SO much better at it now. He will hold his head up and look around now. He is holding on to his toys and reaching and grabbing for them while laying on his playmat. His hands are in his mouth all the time too! Reece also went swimming for the first time and celebrated his first Firth of July.

Eating: Ugh. This is a sore subject. We had our appt with a new GI doctor last Wednesday and I'm so thankful we went. Someone finally listened to all of concerns, but we didn't exactly get good news. They said Reece was failure to thrive and they are doing more tests this week. He really is a good eater (eating 4-5oz 5 x a day) but it's not enough calories for a baby his age. But he can't tolerate anymore. She suggested we wake him up in the night to eat and when we did that he puked. We tried feeding less ounces more often and he puked. She changed him to a prescription formula to hopefully get the milk allergy and reflux under control and once we know he tolerates that they are going to concentrate it more to give him more calories. We started the new formula Friday and so far so good. Except his reflux has been alot worse since it's very thin. He can't keep it down so he has to be sitting up all the time. The doctor suggested today that we start adding in rice cereal to thicken it up. Not exactly what I want to do, but we tried it for the first time yesterday and so far so good on that too. It's a constant battle/worry/waiting game. I hope we finally get everything under control and the tests they're doing Friday give us some answers. 

Sleeping: If one thing is going right, it's his sleep. But now I'm worried that this is what has caused the Failure to Thrive. He is an awesome sleeper. He sleeps 9-11 hours at night and is on a schedule for naps during the day. His naps usually are 45 minutes - 2 hours. He is napping in his crib and still sleeping in the rock n play at night, but in his room. He's in an A&A sleep sack at night and uses his A&A lovie since he loves having a blanket to hold on to and rub his face with. 

Momma: I am officially back at work as of last Thursday. We are all still adjusting, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. John's mom is watching him at our house right now and my mom is coming in town and watching him next week. He will start "school" August 3rd. I think that's when it will get really hard having to drop him off every day. But I am enjoying my time back at work and having adult interaction again! My blood pressure is still all over the place and I've noticed stress is a key factor in it. The night before I went back to work (the same day of Reece's GI appt) it was not good!! The PCP decided no meds for me right now because sometimes its low and she doesn't want it to bottom out. So we are still monitoring it. 

Daddy: Nothing new with daddy except he's just tons of help around the house (not that that's new). He cooks dinner most nights, feeds Reece his last bottle and puts him to bed, takes care of things around the house and does alot for the cats too. I definitely could not survive without him!! 

The Cats: Nothing new here either. They're just tolerating him which is better than I could ask for.

Favorite Baby Items: 
Still loving everything from last month, but adding in a few more... 

- Nose Frida - Best invention ever. Something I said I would NEVER do, but with all of Reece's congestion thanks to his allergy and reflux, we needed this. He actually laughs when we suck his snot! 

- DropCam - We had a regular video monitor and decided to return it after putting the DropCam in his room on a whim one day. We had the dropcam has a security camera outside but now it's in his room. I love that I can see him when I'm not home and the picture is so much better than the regular monitor! We got a cheap plain sound monitor to use so we don't have to have the app running all the time. If we hear him, we can open the app on our phone, ipad or computer and see him. 

- Skip Hop Bandana Buddies - Reece has the puppy and the pink kitty. He LOVES these toys. We have the puppy hanging on his playmat and he will lay and talk to it and grab it. 

- Sound Machine - Life saver. We have the myBaby sound spa from Amazon. We needed one that plugs in and doesn't shut off because Reece would wake up when his other 2 would shut off. We are getting another one of these for daycare as well. I've learned to live with ocean waves coming through the monitor every night ;) ha

- Aden & Anais Musy Squares - I mentioned before that Reece loves his A&A swaddle blankets so I bought these little lovie squares and they are perfect. Not to mention, cute. They're the perfect size so we don't have to drag around a blanket with us everywhere and not to hot to have in his car seat with him when we're out. They're also good for sleeping since this is soothing to him and I don't have to worry as much about a big blanket suffocating him. 

And here are more pictures from our photo shoot this morning.... 

And because everyone loves a good comparison! 

We love you Reece!



Mrs. Southern Mama said...

He looks exactly like your husband!!!Also, I so wish Kensie slept more often. She is up every 2-3 hours wanting food. It's exhausting! I hope everything gets settled with his formula. Sorry to hear that!!!

Christelle said...

Congratulations Savanah!! Reece is adorable, love his little skinny legs!! He's such a cutie.

Christelle said...

P.S. The picture of him in his Fourth of July outfit with the baby birkenstocks is ADORABLE!!

Jonah said...

Wow! This looks great and easy to use! I would love it for my little ones! Check This Out

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