I'm a 30 year old Texas gal originally from Ft. Worth but living in Houston probably permanently thanks to the husband of mine! This blog started out as a Project 365 blog documenting daily pictures but I realized I loved writing and posting more than one picture a day so much that I kept it going past the 365 days. Since I'm away from my friends and family this is where they can keep up with me and what I'm doing down here in H-Town.

I'm a wife, crazy cat lady, and nurse. I love summer time, strawberry margaritas and mexican food, traveling, sleep, TV, diet Dr. Pepper with Cherry, my iPhone, animals and I have a new found love for Destination Weddings! 

This blog is all about me and what makes me happy. The main subjects are John (the husband) and Pixie and Lucy (the cats). 

John is 6 months younger than me but you'd never know it! He's a financial analyst and works in the oil and gas industry. He graduated from Texas Tech and has converted me to a Red Raider Fan! He loves football and New York Mets baseball and could sit in his recliner all day and be happy. Most of all he loves me and his girls (the cats!) more than anything :)

We hope you'll sit and stay awhile! 

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